Past Exhibitions > Dan Fig: Fifteen, Sixteen Foxes

Dan Fig, not so much the pessimist as the anxious doubter, stares the Gorgon in the face: if our consciousness is being molded by GUIs (graphical user interfaces), he proposes, wide-eyed, to let into the same space a whole host of different realities.  The result is an orbit without anchor point, a web of relativity, a sui generis game of self-cancelling logic.  Play is a method here as well: a way of channeling the energy (terror) of life in times of clip-art overload, but without faith that any revelation will ensue.  From a surfeit of pictures, a tight grid emerges.  

The paintings endure this tightening stoically.  It’s worth noting that for the Stoics, the goal of indifference was freedom.

-Text by Gaby Wolodarski