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Bryson Kernan Clark
Bryson Kernan Clark

Elements from Home

The Wizard of Oz got it right: There's no place like home. It is a deeply personal space determined not by its physical place but by people, memories, artifacts, and details. It is constructed through a sense of aesthetics and a set of storied objects which can carry meaning through generations. If identity is ever too complicated to phrase verbally, objects can do a lot of that heavy lifting.

My home is a refuge from the concrete jungle, overflowing with plant life and furnished almost entirely with found and thrifted pieces, then accented with hand-me-downs and hand-made art.

My own approach to design is deeply rooted in the belief that every design is an opportunity to create a unique environment that reflects the needs and desires of its users. My background in visual design combined with newfound knowledge of environmental and sustainable design practices inspire my passion for creating spaces that can generate social benefit.

Simple changes like warmer lighting, addition of plant life, and increased seating space have powerful effects on the human experience. Rejecting “fast furniture” and opting for used pieces would greatly reduce our environmental impact, as well. These are all practices that I’ve embraced in my home, and would like to see implemented in all sorts of spaces, both private and public.

In my home, I welcome everyone into a comfortable, natural, and somewhat whimsical environment. By extending my home into this public gallery, I hope to share with you how transformative it can be when a space reflects the story of its user. I hope it inspires you to call for more spaces that reject institutional norms in favor of spaces that reflect the story of the community they serve.