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Love Letter Dialogues: A Celebration of Daily Life is a photographic reflection on learning to appreciate the space around you through the people in it. When I started working on this project I was primarily focused on street fashion, but as I encountered and talked with more people my admiration for the distinctness found in the lives of others grew. Though my requests to photograph people I encountered throughout the city were met with varied responses, almost everyone I spoke to was willing to have their picture taken. Some were incredibly flattered by the request, while others were confused, amused, or a mixture of the two. Looking for people to photograph helped me to appreciate my surroundings more, and I wanted this project to be about looking intentionally, so that you fall a little bit more in love with life. We are important because we are here, not because of the things we do. I think people generally want proof that they were here and that they mattered in some way to somebody. This project had the dual role of contextualizing people as they choose to present themselves in public, refuting the idea that people’s lives continue without effect on those in their periphery, and giving me the opportunity to add a little bit of encouragement (or confusion, depending on how they perceived me) to people’s day.

—Alyssa Kathryn Daughdrill