• Caveat Emptor

    Caveat Emptor

    Ildiko Butler Gallery exhibition Caveat Emptor in The New York Times: Joining Plastic, Glass and Metal on the Recycle List: Fake Art

  • 2021 Senior Thesis Exhibitions

    2021 Senior Thesis Exhibitions
  • 2020 Senior Thesis Exhibition Schedule

    Ildiko Butler Gallery
    March 23 – April 4
    Nichole Calle, Lishuang Angela Chen, Dana DelliCarpini

    Ildiko Butler Gallery
    April 5 – April 22
    Matthew Dyczek, Isabel Huelskamp

    Ildiko Butler Gallery
    April 23 – May 5
    Maddie Rizzo, Danielle Waterman

    Ildiko Butler Gallery
    May 6 – May 18
    Annie Dreyer, Sarah Takash

    Lipani Gallery
    March 23 – April 4
    Veronica Barczak, Grace Schiavone

    Lipani Gallery
    April 5 – April 22
    Søren Björnson, Chloe Griffith

    Lipani Gallery
    April 23 – May 5
    Molly Brodowski, Maegan Wright

    Lipani Gallery
    May 6 – May 18
    Camden Ador

  • 2018 Senior Thesis Receptions

    Ildiko Butler Gallery Receptions

    3/9, 6-8pm

    4.6, 6-8pm

    4.13, 6-8pm

    4.27, 6-8pm

    5.11, 5-8pm

    Lipani Gallery Receptions

    2.23, 6-8pm

    3.14, 6-8pm

    4.20, 6-8pm

    4.23, 6-8pm

    5.11, 6-8pm

  • 2018 Senior Thesis Exhibition Schedule

    2018 Senior Thesis Exhibition Schedule

    Ildiko Butler Gallery

    Kathleen Flynn & Nicholas Rapillo
    Mar 5 – 17

    Chloe Lin & Liam Costello
    Mar 18 – Apr 11

    George Horihan & Rayna Weingord
    Apr 12 – 24

    Emma DiMarco & Matt Scheffler
    Apr 25 – May 7

    Aseah Khan & Erin O'Flynn
    May 8 – 21

    Lipani Gallery

    Marc Deitz
    Feb 23 – Mar 8

    Perla Troncoso, Sophia Chelnitsky, and Mayra Gutierrez
    Mar 9 – Apr 7

    Masha Bychkova
    Apr 8 – 21

    Arthur Banach
    Apr 22 – May 5

    Sam Robbins
    May 6 – 21

  • Press for “Leave Me Alone With the Recipes: The Life, Art and Cookbook of Cipe Pineles” at the Ildiko Butler Gallery

  • An Interview with photographer David Freund by FCLC's Jon Bjornson

    An Interview with photographer David Freund by FCLC's Jon Bjornson

    “Four black tires of a dark, rolling tanker truck pass four decorative white tires half-buried in a tidy gas station lawn. On the lawn, next to commercial signage is a handmade sign, wrinkled by rain, offering two vital fluids: oil and milk. Across the road a modest motel pushes the left edge of the picture. In the misty distance a white pole and the back of the truck frame a small pastoral landscape, a grazing horse at its center. An apparently uninspiring moment delivered multiple aspects of American road travel, entrepreneurial endeavor, decorative imagination, diligent maintenance, and a romantic landscape spliced with modernism.” - Abstract and first photograph of Gas Stop

    This photograph and small selection of words, for most, are what will create a first impression of David Freund, who earlier in April released his first major book - Gas Stop - at the age of 79. A selection from Gas Stop was curated by Visual Arts Professor Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock and displayed in the Lipani gallery from late March through the month of April. David and Stephan established a friendship through a shared connection with the esteemed photographer and teacher Gary Metz, which eventually lead to the display of David’s work at Fordham Lincoln Center.

    When questioned how he went about curating such a work, Stephan smiled, saying “It’s the kind of show you could put up any way and it would work”. When picking up the prints from David, Stephen was told to “have fun sequencing” and that’s exactly what he did. “I took them out of the box, and said this looks good” - so Stephan sequenced the photos as he unpacked them - “not messing with what works” and knowing that “sometimes you have to be smart enough get out of the way... if something works it works”.

    Stephan’s approach to curating David Freund’s photographs speaks to the level of David’s work. The process took David on a solo cross country road trip, driving more than 40 states over 4 years (1978-82) , the photos he shot acting as his fuel. David shot with a Nikon and Tri-X b/w film, a classic kit of film photography.

    Speaking about Gas Stop, after 30 years of developing, selecting, sequencing, David wishes “ to inform, move, and surprise viewers, as well as give them something to do”. In the midst of promoting his work, David was told his photos “are about everything”, a response, David says, “is why I shoot”. These few but powerful words came before the praise David’s work has recently received, they touched David, and motivated him to be where he is today. However, David had “no idea it was going to be a book”, in the end, and laughed in recalling his original ambitions to “have a couple shows, maybe sell a couple prints to MoMA.”

    However Gerhard Steidl, the founder of Steidl, an international publisher , also saw the vision of David’s Gas Stop project. Steidl respected David’s vision, not demanding or interfering, instead working side by side...Gas Stop... is now side by side with other publications by Steidl like Robert Frank’s The Americans. David’s work is meant to interact with both artists and the everyday person. He “wants the viewer to be surprised… to want to turn the page”.

    To the aspiring photographer, “just get to work and make some prints”. His three pieces of advice “pay attention, be responsible, and cultivate empathy” apply to not only the photographer, but all in the pursuit of “becoming a better human being. That’s the ultimate goal”.

  • Movie Poster Exhibit Pulls from Politics 0 By Tom Stoelker on November 3, 2016

     Movie Poster Exhibit Pulls from Politics 0 By Tom Stoelker on November 3, 2016

    For those who can’t get enough political theater this election, there’s a new show at the Ildiko Butler Gallery celebrating election season with movie posters that revel in the world of politics.

    Some of the posters are iconic, like Robert Redford in The Candidate, or Redford and Dustin Hoffman in All the President’s Men. Warren Beatty makes a couple of appearances as well, once in a poster for the 1998 comedy Bulworth and again in 1974’s The Parallax View. Directors Stanley Kubrick and Robert Altman are there too.

    The show, “Politics: Movie Images from Posteritati,” was organized by Mark Street, associate professor of visual arts, and runs through Dec. 1. Street said Posteritati is a SoHo Gallery that sometimes lends out its collection exhibitions—as is the case with the show at Fordham.

    “It’s interesting to see real events refracted through spectacular mass culture,” said Street. “In the collection we chose there’s satire, irony, exaggeration, fear, and paranoia. With the benefit of hindsight we can see that a lot of things that were there are in the present elections.”

    On a purely visual level, the movie posters are one of mass marketing’s cleanest conveyors of information, he said.

    “In the art department, we teach visual literacy,” he said. “More and more we’re in a visual culture, and these posters show that when you telegraph something without words, a short rudimentary graphic is important.”

    Politics: Movie Images from Posteritati

  • Dance, Science, Art, and Jazz at ARS Nova

  • Press for "Prismatic Shifts"

  • Press for David Freund's "Gas Stop"

  • Senior Exhibitions 2017

    Butler Gallery:
    Meg McCauley
    Annabelle deClement
    April 3-18

    Hana Keiningham
    Anna Creatura
    April 19-29

    Jason Boit
    Olivia Singler
    April 29-May 10

    Emma Kilroy
    Francesca Aton
    May 11-21

    Lipani Gallery:
    Juliana Johnson
    April 4-23

    Ralph Rosario
    April 24-May 7

    David Nieto
    May 8-21

    Film Screening:
    Athena Kokinakis and Anabelle Declement
    April 7th (SL24 L)

  • Press for Gary Metz VSW exhibition

  • Press for Wendel White: Schools for the Colored

  • Press for "My Ranching Life"

  • Press for "photographers/veterans"

  • Press for "Faculty Spotlight 2015"

  • Gary Metz: Quaking Aspen: A Lyric Complaint

    Quaking Aspen will travel to SPEOS - Paris London Photographic Institute in 2015.
    Additional press: Actuphoto, Exposition photo

  • Press for "Living Los Sures: Selections"

  • 2014 Senior Exhibitions Schedule

    Ildiko Butler Gallery

    Dan Canziani
    Xuan Zheng
    4/6 – 4/17

    Jackie Krakowski
    Nick Pereslugoff
    4/22 – 5/1

    Alexis Parente
    Isabelle Langely
    5/2 – 5/13

    Elizabeth White
    Candace Shacklette
    5/14 – 5/25

    Lipani Gallery

    Eric Arrendondo
    Digital Design
    Faith Brancale
    3/30 – 4/16

    Andreas Beissel
    Jessica Wendroff
    4/17 – 5/6

    Kirstie Carrazales
    Stephanie Colombini
    5/7 – 5/24

  • Gary Metz: Quaking Aspen: A Lyric Complaint

    Quaking Aspen will travel to Syracuse University's Robert B. Menschel Gallery in 2015 courtesy of Light Work

    Fordham Observer
    Inside Fordham

    Meyers, William. "Northern Scenes, Special Snow Effects." The Wall Street Journal. Dow Jones & Company, 8 Mar. 2014. Web. 25 Apr. 2014.

    Gunhouse, Carl. "Searching for the Light: Gary Metz, Quaking Aspen: A Lyric Complaint @ Fordham University’s Ildiko Butler Gallery." Searching for the Light: Gary Metz, Quaking Aspen: A Lyric Complaint @ Fordham University’s Ildiko Butler Gallery. N.p., 1 Mar. 2014. Web. 25 Apr. 2014.

  • Press for Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware) An exhibition of confiscated art forgeries from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s holdings

  • 2013 Senior Exhibition Schedule

    The Center Gallery

    C1 3/21 - 4/1
    Teresa Salinas
    Michaela Flatley
    Catherine Murphy

    C2 4/1 - 4/11
    Elizabeth Allocca
    Jacqueline Martonik
    Emma Bonoli

    C3 4/12 – 4/21
    Tim Luecke
    Terry O’Toole
    Vera Bennett

    C4 4/22 – 5/1
    Apollonia Colacicco
    John O’Neil
    Lucy Sutton

    C5 5/2 – 5/11
    Nicole DeMeo
    Mary Thayer
    Melissa Smyth

    C6 5/12 – 5/21
    Tessa Abrahams
    Elle Radan
    Rebecca Zoltowski

    The Lipani Gallery

    L1 3/21 – 4/9
    Joseph Motola
    Rachel Sterns
    Katie Fisher

    L2 4/10 – 4/30
    Sadia Noor
    Samuel Anacker
    Andrew Scherer
    Molly Barker

    L3 5/1 – 5/21
    Claire Lorenzo
    Patricia Peguero-Vidal
    Amanawil Lemi
    Catherine San Juan

  • Rockslide Sky Press

    Mary Carlson takes inspiration from religious iconography, demons, and snakes in her latest exhibition, Beautiful Beast.
    "Beautiful Big Blue Beast" by Jane Dickson Oct 23, 2012 on BOMBLOG

  • Rockslide Sky Press

  • 2012 Senior Exhibition Schedule

    The Center Gallery
    Ashley Breunich & Analissa Moreno
    March 26 – April 10

    Elizabeth Burans & Michael Fiore
    April 13 – April 23

    Margaret Barnard & Diana Kokoszka
    April 26 – May 06

    Matt Anderson & Joni Vasquez
    May 09 – May 20

    The Lipani Gallery
    Guillaume Roemaet
    March 20 – March 31

    Daniel Quinn
    April 03 – April 19

    Julia Krivonos & Tyler Wilson
    April 22 – May 07

    Pauline Lu
    May 11 – May 21