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Anibal Pella-Woo

2.0: "used post-positively to describe a new and improved version or example of something or someone." In 1999, I bought my first digital camera. It produced a 1.92-megapixel image file. Almost 2.0

The Department of Visual Arts at Fordham University is pleased to present the first summer installment of the Adjunct Faculty Spotlight Series: Anibal Pella-Woo: 2.0. As well as being the first offering of the season, this project is the inaugural publication for Hayden's Books. Hayden's Books will be producing an ongoing series of publications focusing on artist projects, research, critical writings, and works in progress.

This publication series honors Hayden Hartnett, a much-loved visual arts major. Please stay tuned over the weeks to come as members from the Department of Visual Arts adjunct faculty and artists at large share samplings of their production with the Fordham community in our Hayden Hartnett Project Space at our Lincoln Center Campus, online, and in this exciting new book series.