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I began work on this project in June of 2022, haven taken a recent interest in psychedelia, I began investigating “liquid lightshows,” a multi-media artform started in the 1960s, typically made by coloring two immiscible liquids and squishing them together between plates of glass, the result being an entrancing, trippy explosion of colors.

Creating lightshows is difficult, it’s a delicate and messy artform that requires the perfect balance of materials to pull off successfully. When creating my shows, I turn off all the lights and plug in an LED tablet, I set down the plates of glass on the tablet, set up my camera so that it captures a bird’s eye view of the whole thing, turn on some music, and get to work mixing and mashing dyed oil and water.

As a photographer, my life is about looking, observing, and perceiving the world. Using psychedelic imagery, I’m attempting to skew perception, with constantly morphing and shifting shapes, what is seen is left to what the viewer’s mind creates.
--Dino Romano