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Dzintars Zilgalvis/Kriss Zilgalvis
Dzintars Zilgalvis/Kriss Zilgalvis

Dzintars Zilgalvis and Kriss Zilgalvis

Today and Tomorrow

We try to tune into the emptiness
We celebrate the things we don’t understand
We live in a time in which we can see but can’t feel
Other people have taken on the task of fighting for our children's future
We will be in their debt for many generations to come

The exposition consists of a series of images, where the artists demonstrate the relationship between the shape and scale of an explosion and the size of people and material cultural values in the form of performance documentation. The works of art with the shapes of explosion craters are made of a shiny and light material: MPET (Metalized Polyethylene Terephthalate) and filled with air. MPET is more commonly known as a material used to manufacture rescue blankets designed for use in extreme situations.

Performance documentation was created with the support of V&A museum (UK) and the Embassy of Ukraine in Latvia.