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Fabrizio Perozzi
Fabrizio Perozzi

Fabrizio Perozzi
Selected by Joyce Yahouda

Intimité, Video, 2018

Intimité, by Fabrizio Perozzi is a video that takes the form of an intimate journal drawing its imagery from the artist’s personal paintings and photos – past and present. The notion of time, confrontation of the past and present, are showcased. Like a film strip.

While personal, the video also reflects universal preoccupations. It speaks of youth, desire, broken dreams, friendship, and intimacy. And of death.

The video ends with a long shot of MEMENTO MORI, a painting representing a vanitas piece with three faces: an African, a skull, and a fetish figurine, in accordance with the legend: ‘Fetishes of the secret Mboyo society in the Loango area.’ Death is looming.

Perozzi chose the song Odyssey by Dream Koala as the background music, referring to the journey of Odysseus and his fear of never returning to his family.

To conclude, on a black background, a quote by P.P. Pasolini appears: “Death is not in incommunicability but in the fact of no longer being understood.”

* The video Intimité (2018) is accompanied by the reproduction of the original painting MEMENTO MORI (2017) by Fabrizio Perozzi.

Six still from Intimité follow this page, followed by the video.