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Martin Nuñez-Bonilla
Martin Nuñez-Bonilla


March 1 – March 20, 2022

The Visual Arts Program at Fordham University is pleased to present MEN CRY, a video series by Fordham alumnus Martin Nuñez-Bonilla (’18). This moving compilation of interviews began with the seemingly simple question: When was the last time you cried?

In the words of the artist:

Four years ago, when I was a senior at Fordham, I spent a month talking to men about their feelings in the studio of the Visual Arts Complex at the school. Those interviews would go on to become MEN CRY, a video series in which people talk about their feelings and experiences with masculinity. What started out as a response to sexism and the violence that comes from emotional repression in men has turned into so much more. The project has reached across the country and continues to build community with people who want to encourage authenticity in a suppressive world. Masculinity is a topic that is so much more nuanced and wide-reaching than I could have ever imagined. This nuance has created the current moment, in which MEN CRY has evolved and I’m trying to figure out what comes next.

Today, four years later, I’ve turned 25, experienced a pandemic, left a 9 to 5 job, and been formally diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety. This big moment in my life has inspired me to take a step back and examine my own habits, mental health, and masculine behaviors. It’s not enough to say the right things and be a “good guy” — I have to also challenge myself to improve.

I am in transition and the MEN CRY project is in transition, too. As I take this time to grow and explore, I also want to take the time to look back and appreciate the folks who have shared incredible stories and demonstrated such tenderness and love. I’d like to give a special thank you to everyone who was brave enough to cry, to laugh, and to feel on MEN CRY.

JP Alba-Dennis
Dominick Alcantara
Jordan Almodovar
Daniél Alvarez
Miles Ballard
Arthur Banach
Mik Berry
Jason Bost
Isabella Breton
Michael Cole
Jose “Mozo” Cruz
Chandler Dean
Jack DeWahl
Sergio Echenique
Kelveen Fabian
Maribí Henriquez
Doug Horner
Amilcar Javier
Kyle Kilkenny
Lou Knows
“Juice” Mackins
Luis Mejicanos
Tony Quera
T Michael Rock
José Roldan Jr.
Dorien Russell
Vincent Rutherford
Ian Schafer

Given how much love we’ve all put into this project, I hope you can walk away knowing:

1. Emotions are important.
2. Mental health is important.
3. Progress is non-linear.
4. Tenderness is bravery.
5. Pink is a kickass color.

Martin Nuñez-Bonilla is an Afro-Latino visual artist and public speaker based in New York City with a passion for masculinity reform, BIPOC equality, and vulnerability. He currently works with organizations, causes, and events on their visual materials and communications. He can be reached at or via his website ( or Instagram (@mnbnyc).

MEN CRY is an unscripted video series and digital platform for exploring modern masculinity, sharing stories, and sharing resources for people of all genders. You can watch past episodes on YouTube, check out the Instagram Live series on @allmencry, or learn more at