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Hostile Terrain 94
Hostile Terrain 94

A Global Event to Illuminate the Humanitarian Crisis Occurring at the U.S./Mexico Border
Organized by the Undocumented Migration Project (UMP)

Organized at Fordham University by Professor Carey Kasten and Professor Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock

The Lipani Gallery, November–December 2021

A Global Call to Action
Hostile Terrain 94 (HT94) is a participatory art exhibition occurring in nearly 150 cities around the globe that seeks to memorialize and bear witness to the humanitarian crisis at the U.S./Mexico Border that has claimed the lives of thousands of people since the 1990’s. This tragic loss of human life is the direct result of U.S. border policies that purposefully put migrants into harm’s way. HT94 raises awareness about the human consequences of these policies while also promoting a global discourse on migration through collaboration with hosting partners and exhibition attendees around the world.

HT94 is organized by the Undocumented Migration Project (UMP), a 501(C)(3) nonprofit arts-education-research collective aiming to humanize the migrant experience between Latin America and the United States. UMP projects are collaborative public endeavors meant to inspire and engage participants to work towards positive social change.

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