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Regrets Only
Regrets Only
Installation View 1

Regrets Only
Curator: Wilson Duggan

Participating Artists:
Andy Brown
Michael Endy
Lisa DiClerico
Zelda Zinn
Juliet Martin
James Gardella
Marc Pelletier

"Regrets Only” is an instruction sometimes found on event invitations, an alternative to the more common and more formal request to RSVP or communicate to the host whether or not one plans to accept the invitation. The direction to send “regrets only” is broadly considered presumptuous, not only in that it presumes the recipient of the invitation will attend, but also that no matter the reason why they will regret not being able to.

In late 2021, with over a year of global isolation in rearview and few events attended or invitations to accept, what regrets do we hold about past opportunities declined and the pressures to attend and participate in life tomorrow? When invited to participate in an exhibition, how does an introverted and isolated artist and their practice reemerge from professional quarantine? The artworks in the exhibition explore themes of regret, isolation, ennui, and mundanity, exhibited together in an attempt to escape these confinements in dialogue with each other.

Wilson Duggan is an arts administrator and curator. He received his BA in Art History from Fordham College Rose Hill in 2012 and is the Co-Founder and Director of Operations at SHIM Art Network, an organization committed to providing artists, curators, collectives, galleries, universities, and other organizations and affiliations with resources and opportunities for professional development, exhibitions, and sales.