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Vincent Stracquadanio, strutture d'ombra
Vincent Stracquadanio, strutture d'ombra

Vincent Stracquadanio
strutture d'ombra
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The structures that surround us provide the boundaries that help define and clarify our collective understanding of the world. Their very presence however demarcates the moment of subversion where these structures can be broken down and changed.

The spaces in my work depict moments of transformation and magic. The rich patterning of these spaces is dense with visual surprise and reference. Some spaces are filled with foreboding forms such as dark fire and cloud-like mists that appear to seep through various Sicilian porticos disrupting spatial certainty. Others, archetypal forms like the “Arch” and the “Portal” line technicolor corridors that peer out into a horrific black abyss from a Giallo film. In these spaces, I’ve mined my own relationship to histories of art, family, and self.

These lavish interior spaces collapse and extend using patterning and flatness that eliminates hierarchies between foreground and background, form and formlessness, clarity and confusion. Each picture not only exhibits an interior logic but also presents distinct idiosyncrasies suggesting differentiation in time, event, or architecture. These defined moments are subverted and broken down to begin to illustrate the fluidity of one's full identity and one's relationship to histories both individual and shared.

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