Past Exhibitions > Art Making in Hell’s Kitchen and Beyond

Jazmin Ali

Brooklyn as an entire borough is rapidly changing. Expensive supermarkets have opened, sky-rises are being built, and the white population increases as the property value does. I grew up in a neighborhood popularly known as Prospect Lefferts Gardens, however, to natives of the neighborhood it is often referred to as Flatbush. It is located on the south side of Prospect Park and despite the rapid changes being made in this neighborhood, it still manages to hold tight to its Caribbean culture.

In my project this semester I aim to capture the layers of this culture through storytelling and journalistic photography. By focusing on micro-communities, businesses, and neighbors all of Caribbean backgrounds, I hope to share what I feel is a colorful culture and neighborhood that seems to remain so even in these challenging times. I also hope to share my personal relationship with this culture and area, as a Caribbean person myself who has grown up here.