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Isabel Huelskamp, New York City, 2060
Isabel Huelskamp, New York City, 2060

Artist Statement
Isabel Huelskamp

I’ve always been intrigued by maps. I love the fine lines, the topography, the combination of organic shapes and ordered grids. Despite all the variety, all maps have an underlying structure, which makes them a powerful design object.

The philosophy that guides my design practice is that all design choices should be intentional. Though they may not be obvious to the viewer, intentional design choices give each project and piece the type of underlying structure needed. I used this approach for my maps, just as I use this approach for many of my projects.

Many of my recent projects have been centered around social justice design. In “New York City: Submerged,” I wanted to explore the issue of rising water levels around the globe. I specifically focused my topographical design project on New York City, as I have spent the last several years living here. The impact of water level rise will be devastating, yet even with the large population of New York, so few New Yorkers are aware of this issue.

These maps went through many phases, as I refined my color palette and chose just how much information to include. With the given information, I wanted my viewers to reflect on the beauty of the city landscape, and just how much land will become submerged. I hope the silhouette of New York City in 2020 compared with New York City in 2060, leaves viewers thinking about how alarming the contrast is.