2020 Senior Thesis Exhibitions > Sarah Takash

Sarah Takash
Sarah Takash

I can't remember a time when I was not a dancer, and there will never be a moment when I can leave that part of my identity at home. Because dance is the most physical and bodily art form, I am a dancer as much as I am a human. When I found my passion for photography, it felt organic to continue working as a photographer in the medium of dance.

I know the limits and expectations of dancers first hand, and it is my goal to honor the work dancers put into refining their art. Dance is often thought of as a beautiful and superficially refined artform, and I want to show just how ugly it can be behind the scenes.

The body is so revealing, and a dancer's body can tell a story without movement or words. I want to document dancers who go through chronic injuries and pain, and photograph how they maintain their instrument. This maintenance is fundamental in every dancer's life.

Martha Graham famously said, "the body never lies." What does it mean to be honest with your physical body? Why do dancers challenge that? How do dancers' bodies keep up with the demands of the craft?

Each of the dancers I photographed continues training through their physical pain and limitations, and there is so much strength in that perseverance. It is my goal to put the work ethic of dancers in a new light.