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Sigrid Jakob
Sigrid Jakob

One Kilometer

Works List

Site 1: Airplane concealment area
Witness statement: “The Luftwaffe would hide their planes in the forest”

Site 2: Nuclear missile silos
Witness statement: “The rumor was that once World War III broke out, our village would be the very first to go”

Site 3: Forced laborer “sick camp”
Witness statement: “Mostly, they were young men and women from the Ukraine, teenagers really”

Site 4: “Russian” cemetery
Witness statement: “One night my father came home, pale as a sheet”

Site 5: Military airport runway
Witness statement: “And there they were, young men from Iowa, Michigan or Indiana”

Site 6: Underground manufacturing mine shaft
Witness statement: “They whispered of vast underground factories producing V1 rockets”

Site 7: Red Army Faction (RAF) accident site
Witness statement: “Both were known terrorists, famous from those ever-present wanted lists”