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Claire Lorenzo 5/1 - 5/21
Claire Lorenzo 5/1 - 5/21

In Pieces

That’s really how life works-- in pieces.
Every single day of our lives is just a little piece,
which picks up where the one before it left off.
Individually, our pieces seem quite trivial,
it is easy to neglect them.
But give each piece your utmost attention,
And little by little,
you will amass something amazing.

My process is simple, really. I lay down a scrap of paper, one piece at a time, then apply a fine coating of glue, and smooth it down to perfection. And little by little, bit by bit, these seemingly distinguished and unrelated tiny pieces come together. Function in harmony. A wholeness so massive, it could not be imagined.

When we work hard, small, and consistently in life, we see our best potential.