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Mary Thayer 5/2 - 5/11
Mary Thayer 5/2 - 5/11

Exploration into an Artist’s Intuition

The idea of the completion of a painting has always intrigued me. How does an artist know when a piece is done? How does one know that even one more stroke could ruin the balance and structure that one has worked to build? While that is a dramatic line of questioning, the fact remains that a high level of intuition is involved to make decisions in order to create the type of piece desired.

This project began as an exploration into this question of when. I wanted to delve into an idea that could completely envelop my mind and let my intuition take hold. Landscapes have always attracted me, especially growing up in a small town surrounded by nature. The melding of landscapes and intuitive painting was a natural fit to explore space and my own judgment.