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Kang Ya-Chu - Dirt Carpet #10 - Mian-bei, 2020
Kang Ya-Chu - Dirt Carpet #10 - Mian-bei, 2020

Dirt Carpet #10 - Mian-bei, 2020, sugar, salt

The concept of the installation derives from the little blankets many people used to own in their childhood. The blankets, which were pure cotton and hand-made with traditional skills, may be discarded because their fillings are no longer soft and fluffy day by day from absorbing too much moisture from the air. However, they are still remembered by many people for their attachment to these comfort objects and memories about home.

The pattern of the dirt carpet shows the inspiration from Taiwanese printed cotton fabric, the elements of zippers used in quilts, and the texture of crocheted lace. The carpet, made up of granulated sugar and salt, responds to sweat and tears of life and memory, which are sweet and salty in their taste. The intervention of visitors to tread on the dirt carpet has changed the original order of the pattern while the process of it can respond to the cycle of the universe and circle of life.

“Dirt Carpet”, which has been exhibited in Thailand, Turkey, Portugal, Britain, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, is presented in distinctive patterns and powdery materials based on cultural differences and various concepts researched by the artist. Through the exhibition, the artist intends not only to reveal both the implication of the creation and visual expression but also to engage the audience in a new experience.

Location: Siao-Long Cultural Park, Tainan, Taiwan