2020 Senior Thesis Exhibitions > Søren Björnson

Søren Björnson, Synch, Toubab Dialaw, Senegal
Søren Björnson, Synch, Toubab Dialaw, Senegal

Søren Björnson

You close your eyes and envision my living room. Cozy, with a coffee table, a carpet, a couch. The faint smell of smoke, a water-stain on the wood. It is an intimate and comfortable environment, borders marked by photographs. The closer you look, the more you see—snapshots, gizmos and gadgets, trinkets and treasures, maybe wedged between pillows, tucked in a drawer, tacked to the wall. Inquiry yields reward; the carpet is worn where your feet used to rest, a scribble slipped between the cracks of the sofa. Each scuff whispers its own version of events. Attached is an inventory list; the documentation of all content that was intended to be in this installation.

Image sequencing
1- A Personal Story, New York City
2- Havana Streets, Cuba
3- Baila, Puerto Rico
4- Synch, Toubab Dialaw, Senegal
5- Abbey Road, Marrakech

Installation Inventory List
1 Bananagrams - labeled
1 Beta Fish, Female, Name: Warrior Princess - labeled “shark”
1 Beatbox
7 Beverage coasters
1 Blanket, with vague Christmas stitch
1 Business card, partly used for filter, important information still legible
1 Card deck
1 Carpet
1 Chess board - labeled
1 Clothing rack - 5 pieces
1 Coffee table (photography books, postcards, sketch pads, pens, markers etc. inside) - labeled
1 Couch
4 Cushions
1 Dart board
1 Desk lamp
1 Dollar bill - Serial Number F58183525C
1 Label machine - labeled
1 Lady lunar Ballerina on wall
1 Light sculpture of a Ballerina (shadow forms dancing figure)
3 Paintings
1 Pair of dice
1 Playlist, handwritten, photo copied
1 Pocket constitution
1 Romantic Depot 20% VIP card
Several existential questions on a napkin
1 Steampunk lamp - labeled
27 Ticket stubs, including but not limited to movies, museums, concerts, flights, and good phó
15+ Wall images
3+ Montages/collages