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Lynn Sullivan: Sky Hold
Lynn Sullivan: Sky Hold

October 3 – December 7, 2014
Reception: Wednesday, October 29, 5 – 7pm
Artist talk: Wednesday, October 29, 12pm, Lipani Gallery

Lynn Sullivan works with images and materials that present symbols emerging or disappearing in social, historical, or psychological transformation. With Sky Hold, she juxtaposes—in either confluence or conflict—photographs of cloud-filled skies with words from the English language. Posters of text and image are installed on the wall with thumbtacks and wrap onto three-dimensional forms, reflecting a potential for change and a distinction between naming things and handling them as three-dimensional objects.

Sullivan will speak about her work on Wednesday, October 29, at 12pm in the Lipani Gallery. Free and open to the public, the talk will occur in conjunction with Fordham Artist-in-Residence Casey Ruble’s Visual Thinking class, and the exhibition will be used to help students understand how meaning is embedded in images, objects, and language and how it transforms in response to changing contexts. Students will be invited to rearrange the pieces in the exhibition as an extension of this discussion.

Sullivan’s sculptures, videos, sound works, and public actions have been exhibited in numerous spaces including Gagosian Gallery (Los Angeles), the Cultural Studies Conference Exhibition at the University of Utah (Salt Lake City), and the nonprofit Smack Mellon (Brooklyn). Most recently she installed an outdoor sculpture for “Real on Rock Street” in Brooklyn and participated in a residency program in Beijing, China, where her work was exhibited at the at the Inside-Out Art Museum. Sullivan is based in Brooklyn, New York, and is a Visiting Professor in the Department of Art and Art History at Hunter College.